Custom Fitting

Our Studio ensures custom fitted golf clubs are made to your personal specification and work in unison with your height, swing speed, and technique to improve the aim and distance of every shot.

What is Custom Fitting?

How does a golf custom fitting session work at Future Golf?

Our 7 stage policy

  1. Consultation: Discussion with the pro to allow them to get a better understanding of your game and future goals.
  2. Assessment: Assess the current clubs that you are using and take any necessary body measurements to help guide the process.
  3. Model Selection: Based on the data captured so far, the pro will discuss the most suitable models and shafts for your game and narrow down the options based on your preferences for looks and feel.
  4. Testing: The pro will now capture data as you hit each of the suggested clubs using our GC2 Launch Monitor, helping them to dial in the best specifications for your game (in terms of loft, lie, shaft flex, models, weight settings etc.), whilst also discussing which ones you prefer.
  5. Gapping: This an important part of any fitting to ensure that you are able to hit your clubs to adequate distance gaps so that you have a suitable club for each shot you face out on the golf course.
  6. Fine-tuning: Once you are both happy with the model and specifications selected, the pro will discuss the final details of your clubs in terms of grip selection and any additional customisation options you may require.
  7. Order Creation: We will then create and submit your personalised order and you will be able to collect your new golf clubs from The Lee-On-The Solent Professional Shop.

Custom fitting Charges 

Complete Bag £60, Driver £30, Irons £30, Wedges £30, Putter £15.

All custom fitting charges are deducted from the price of your purchase.

Why Custom Fitting?

  • Clubs matched to your swing
  • Improved accuracy and distance
  • Bad shots are improved
  • More value from your investment
  • Greater confidence

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